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Exterior Painting

Improve Your Curb Appeal With Exceptional Exterior Painting

Bright Finishes Painting has been beautifying exteriors in the Sacramento Area since 2010. A freshly painted or stained exterior is a quick and economical way to improve the curb appeal and increase the value of your commercial or residential property.

Bright Finishes Painting

Get An Exterior Painting Estimate Today!

Bright Finishes Painting provides quality residential and commercial:

  • Exterior painting

  • Exterior staining

  • Exterior trim sealing

  • Exterior trim painting

  • Exterior trim staining

  • Siding refinishing

  • Siding staining

  • Fascia refinishing

  • Garage door refinishing

  • Exterior door refinishing

  • Exterior door painting or staining

  • Garage door painting or staining

  • Exterior color matching

Bright Finishes Painting

Get A Garage Exterior Painting Estimate Today!

Just want your trim, fascia, and exterior doors freshened up with a new color? Our exterior painters are happy to do it safely. We will select the most durable, weather resistant

finishes, seal everything up tight before we paint or stain, and use the best equipment for the job.

Bright Finishes Painting




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